When I went last year, for the first time, to the RC Healing from War Workshop in Poland, I had no idea how important the discharge and connections would be for me personally. Here is a poem I wrote.

Onward, always,
Gudrun Onkels
Seattle, Washington, USA

what kind of watch

would I have been

another time?

would I have seen

to let my heart,

intact and keen,



sound life’s love

chime or have


in that crime


or led the way,

without the


of compromise,

to save the day


or would I sway,

not holding up,

obediently drink

my cup

of shutting up?


and still now,

as we need to fight

to keep up shining

our light,

no matter the

nightmarish night,


let us remember

what is true,

embracing every human


and bond


with love as our glue

and deal with fright

just as we do

by reaching through.

(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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