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U.S. Liberation?

Question: Do you think that, in the nations that are the oppressor nations or the dominating nations in the world, there is something possible like we’ve developed for owning-class liberation in Co-Counseling? Can there be a U.S. liberation, freeing the U.S. peoples from the oppression of living in this imperialist country . . . [and] fighting against . . . its imperialist role?

Harvey: Yes. USers must organize to require their country and its owning classes to give up their imperialist roles. In fact, large numbers are already doing just that, even if they organize only around particular acts so far and not the whole system. But it’s going to be enormously complex, because there aren’t any typical USers. [In] many parts of the country, if you drive twenty miles, people won’t know you. They will be as antagonistic to you . . . as they would be to a moon visitor or somebody from Moscow. The U.S. is an enormously complex set-up, held together by superstitions, false notions, a fabricated history. [It] is part of our job as U.S. RCers, however, to bring clarity to this situation.

Harvey Jackins

From page 50 of “Nationalism, Patriotism, National Pride, and National Liberation,” in A Better World

(Present Time 187, April 2017)

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