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Actions Based on Thinking, Not Feelings

Feelings are not a reliable guide to action; only logic (the way a human mind works in the absence of distress and in the presence of accurate information) is a reliable guide to action. "Good" feelings can be enjoyed, but should not guide the human. Unpleasant feelings can be contradicted and discharged but should not be acted upon.

No justification in reality for "blaming" and "punishing" "Every single human being at every moment of the past, if the entire situation is taken into account, has always done the very best he or she could do and so deserves neither blame nor reproach from anyone, including self. This, in particular, is true of you."

Shaming and blaming are unworkable, irrational, and completely unproductive concepts that only arise out of distress recordings which exist, either individually or in the culture. Punishment, criticism, blame, or reproach as a response to a mistake, or to irresponsible or irrational attitudes or actions is never called for, never justified, and never effective. The person who blames someone else is in fact adopting a powerless position for himself or herself. This is damaging to both the blamer and the blamed.

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