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Climate Change & Climate Science
Diane Shisk &
Janet Kabue
January 20 & 21

CHAPTER XXIV:  After Thirteen Years

On the occasion of the thirteenth reprinting of this book, thirteen years after its first publication, it is perhaps proper to inform the reader of the progress of Re-evaluation Counseling in the intervening years.

When The Human Side of Human Beings was first published, almost all of the people who used Re-evaluation Counseling lived in or near the city of Seattle, Washington, where the work began. Chapter XXIII speaks of "several hundred" participants. That has changed greatly.

Today (January, 1978) there are sizable, organized groups of Re-evaluation Co-Counselors in forty-five of the fifty United States, in seven Canadian provinces, at scores of locations in the United Kingdom, in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, at five locations in Australia, and in one or more communities in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, and Hong Kong. Hundreds of thousands of people participate in Re-evaluation Counseling regularly.

There are now special publications for Black Co-Counselors, for Latino Co-Counselors, for Francophone Co-Counselors, and for classroom teachers, disabled persons, religious workers, "mental health" workers, Native Americans, Asian-Americans, college and university faculty, social activists, young people, older people, parents, wage workers, Jews, women, song writers, poets, and health workers.

The Human Side of Human Beings has been translated into French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Esperanto. It is presently being translated into Hebrew, Chinese, and Japanese.

The theory has developed greatly in these years. Many other books, pamphlets, and periodicals have been written and published carrying the theory and practice forward from the brief introduction presented in this book. As an introduction, however, The Human Side of Human Beings remains sound and satisfactory. We have, on two occasions, swept through it to eliminate the sexist use of male pronouns as a common gender, which has so long been endemic in the English language, but that has been all the revision needed.

It continues to be a pleasure and a satisfaction to read and re-read, not only for its author, but for many, many people for whom it first opened the doors to a much more meaningful and satisfactory life.

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