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Communication of Important Ideas

Nothing prevents communication, agreement, and cooperation between any humans except distress patterns!

For communicating important ideas, one-to-one communication is usually necessary. Individual, personal friendships are the only dependable-enough contact to introduce ideas that contradict a listener's previously held beliefs.

The possibility of a rational group discussion is greatly enhanced if the following concepts are applied: 1) No individual speaks twice before everyone speaks once, and no person speaks four times before everyone speaks twice. 2) Discussions shall be about issues but not about the personalities of the speakers. 3) Everyone shall be listened to with respect. 4) If the discussion is being held in a sub-group of a larger group, a summary of the important things said in the sub-group shall be presented to the larger group.

Individual thinking is greatly enhanced by attentive, non-responsive listening. In changing a person's opinions, listening is a more effective tool than talking.

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