Leadership is an inherent human characteristic. Leadership functions must be performed if a group is to function well.

At least one person must think about the group as a whole rather than about just her or his role in it.

A good leader cannot hope to do the thinking for the group but can elicit the thinking of all the members of the group, fill in any gaps, organize the thinking into a consistent form, and communicate it well enough back to the group to secure their agreement and, if possible, their commitment to it.

"Attacks" are attempts to harm a person, usually a leader, or an organization, in the guise of disagreeing and discussing but motivated by an attempt to do harm to others while pretending to only "discuss" or "disagree." People playing this role should not be "counseled" but should be asked to apologize and, if unresponsive, should be made to leave the group and their attacks ignored.

It is possible to deliberately create "oases of safety" for thinking, for discharge, and for re-evaluation by making and following agreements.

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