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There is no rational conflict of interests between human beings. Any really good solution is a good solution for everyone. It only takes one person deciding to be rational to eventually make a relationship go well.

Love is the way people naturally feel about each other. One always has the freedom to give love by decision. Failure to receive love can be a hurt, but it is much less hurtful than being unable to give love or to not have one's love accepted.

There are many rational needs which humans sense and act to fill. When a person is feeling a rational need and the need is not met, the situation is distressing and can install a distress recording which will include the feelings of continuing to need what was needed in the past. These old, recorded needs cannot be met in later different situation, and all attempts to meet them will be doomed to failure. These unmet "frozen" needs can only be discharged but cannot be "filled."

Most people who have any relationship with each other at all tend to develop several relationships. Each relationship needs to "stand on its own feet" and needs to be dealt with and thought of separate from the other relationships.

Almost everything which we have been told in the present oppressive societies, or have assumed to be true about our sexualities will be shown by discharge and critical examination to be distress patterns. Any "unbidden" sexual feeling is almost certain to be restimulation of past distress.

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