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[The one-point program of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities: The only program of the RC Community that is binding on all members is to use RC to seek recovery of one’s occluded intelligence and innate humanness, and to assist others to do the same.

All other activities undertaken by the Community are in support of this program.No agreement is required of members of the Community beyond consistency with this program and support of the Guidelines. The Guidelines describe how to implement the one-point program.]

"Reform" of an oppressive society cannot bring liberation from oppression. Replacement is necessary. Since the sole reason for the oppressive society is oppression and exploitation, such oppression and exploitation is bound to be re-introduced after the reform in some other form as long as the oppressive society exists. The great liberation theoreticians of the past are useful inspirations and models to liberation workers today in many ways but cannot be applied except in the most general ways to a current situation. Of most use is their method of concretely examining the real situation they were confronting, making sure they had the facts, and then thinking fresh and hard for new solutions to that particular situation. All our situations are new.

People can only be effectively organized to participate in liberation on an individual basis. Calling mass meetings, distributing leaflets, and other "mass" activities are an almost complete waste of time unless they are peripheral to a systematic making of individual friends, who will consider a liberation program if you offer it because they trust you.

People can best be organized for world change on the basis of offering them meaningful lives rather than by appealing to them only on narrow, economic, or self-serving issues.

Reclaiming courage and complete integrity (and freeing ourselves from conditioning) is a key task for our individual and social re-emergence at this point.

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