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Freedom of Decision and Taking Charge

The past is completely determined. The future allows any intelligence free choice. This becomes clear when you draw a line of "present time" between the past and the future.

In any situation it is always possible for an individual to take the initiative and to take charge of the situation by so doing. Complete responsibility is the inherent, natural attitude of each human being. There is always at least one elegant solution for any real problem. The attitude of powerlessness which has been conditioned on all humans in this society is a fraud, imposed by distress and conceals an actuality of total power for any individual or rational group.

No external oppressive force can require your internal surrender (your surrender in your own, private thinking). You may have to yield the appearance of conformity to external oppression for your survival in some oppressive situations, but you do not need, ever, to agree with or conform to the oppression in your own private thinking.

Happiness consists of the overcoming of obstacles on the way toward a goal of one's own choosing.

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