The Re-emergent Human

At peace with all the universe
Yet  filled with zestful fire,
Serene with past achievements,
Alive with new desire,
Aware of distant galaxies,
A pebble I admire.

The past informs and reassures.
The future beckons bright.
I face all human misery
And plan to set it right,
The genius of humanity
A constant, fresh delight. 

I know the past and plan ahead
Yet live the now that’s real.
I act by thought and logic.
I just feel the way I feel.
I don’t confuse these separate things
Nor wind them on one reel.

What scars remain from long ago,
What fogs still clog my brain
Yield to the daily tears and yawns
That let me think again.
My use of all my gains includes
Continual further gain.

                                               —Harvey Jackins


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