Present Time No. 180

(Vol. 47, No. 3)  July 2015

Over and over, the high points in human existence are when one has struggled to the limits of one's ability and still not won and then the upward trend appears and provides the additional support that turns imminent defeat into victory.

Harvey Jackins


Table of Contents

Counseling Practice

Teaching, Leading, Community Building

Wide World Change


Appreciating Present Time 

RC on the Internet


Literature in Other Languages 




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Counseling Practice—3-21

We Have the Resources to Recover from Everything, Tim Jackins, 3-5

A “Revolutionary” Parent, Heather Luna, 6

Children Refusing Food, “Anne,” 7

“Pirate Dinner,” “Susannah Foxworthy,” 7

A Successful Vegetable Experiment, “Mr. Peanut Butter,” 8

Not Settling for Small Gains, Tim Jackins, 9

A Late-Winter Day (in 2015) (poem), Lori Leifer, 9

“I Will End Generations of Cruelty,” Anonymous, 10-11

Claiming Our Full, Common Humanity, several people, 12-13

To Act Logically, Harvey Jackins, 13

Sunrise Center Workshop, Joan MacKenzie, 14

Flexible Application of Theory, Harvey Jackins, 15

Taking a Stand Against Psychiatric Drugs, Anonymous, 15

A Great Way to Use Our Hearts and Minds, Jennifer Berry, 17

Response to a Suicide, Russ Vernon-Jones, 18

Shaking—the Best Way to Keep Thinking, Benjamin Altman, 18

The Key Job in Promoting Learning, Harvey Jackins, 18

Working on Early Sexual Memories, several people, 19-20

A Victorious Teaching Moment, Laurel Green, 21

Considering Separation, U.S. White Mom, 21

Discharge, Harvey Jackins, 21


Teaching, Leading, Community Building—23-29

Area Reference Persons of the Global Majority, Maritza Arrastia, 23

The Effort That Has Gone the Farthest, Harvey Jackins, 23

We Get to Have This Project, and Lead as Ourselves, Tokumbo Bodunde, 24

We Need Them and They Need Us, Bob Gomez, 24

A Group Moving Forward Together, Alysia Tate, 25

Do at Least as Much as I Have Done, Harvey Jackins, 25

Life Today (song), Steve Cloud Morse, 26

Using RC Literature, Mary Ruth Gross, 26

We Need to Regain Our Connection, Goof Buijs, 27    

How Do We Organize? Harvey Jackins, 27

I Am Very Hopeful, Anne Helgedagsrud, 28

Sharing What I Gained from a Care of the Environment Workshop, Kathy Taylor, 29

High Expectations, Unreasonable Expectations, Harvey Jackins, 29


Wide World Changing—31-51

An Economy of Caring, Teresa Enrico, 31-32

Examples of Spendid Survival and Enjoyment, Harvey Jackins, 32

El sistema capitalista/The Capitalist System, Anonymous, 33-34

Our Natural Attitude Is One of Confidence, Harvey Jackins, 34

No Limits, at Beijing+20, several people, 35-38

Escuchar, Liderazgo, y Hermandad/Listening, Leadership, and Sisterhood,

María Lorena Cuéllar Barandiarán, 39

A No-Limits Mother, “Miriam,” 40-41

Taking Leadership on Climate Change, Shelley Friedmann, 42-43

A New Factor in Human Affairs, Harvey Jackins, 43

Bringing RC to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, 44

Catholic Women Leading, Ellie Hidalgo, 45

Full Moon (poem), Pam Roby, 45

Middle-Class People Facing Reality and Changing Their Role, Caroline New, 46-49

What If . . . ? Russ Vernon-Jones, 49

A Student Project on Climate Change, Nancy Faulstich, 50-51

Flexible Humans, Rigid Societies, Harvey Jackins, 51



Disability Oppression and Liberation, David Ruebain, 53-55

Art in a Collapsing Society, Harvey Jackins, 55

Deciding to Live, Marcie Rendon, 56

African Heritage, Working Class, and Female, Tokumbo Bodunde, 57

We Are Female and Workers, Joanne Bray, 57-58

From a Working-Class Jewish Female, Joelle Hochman, 58

RC (poem), Carly Frintner, 59

An Information Coordinator for Intersex People, “Prsank,” 59

A Hopeful Gathering, Tim Jackins, 60

Reports from International Liberation and Commonality Reference Persons, 60-64

Profound Re-evaluations at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Terry Fletcher, 65-66

Rape, and Men’s Conditioning, Anonymous, 66

Standing Against Men’s Oppressor Behavior, Chris Austill, 66

Working on the “New Initiative on Ending Classism,” Dan Nickerson and
Food Service Worker, 67-68

Reconsider the “Memorial” Validations, Anne Mackie, 68

An Indian Woman Stands Up to Marriage, S.J. Shashikala (Shashi), 69

Suggestions for U.S. Writers, several people, 70

What Does It Mean to Share? Tamara Damon, 71

It’s Hard to “Share the Stage,” Jaime Jenett, 71

Unity, Alliances, Harvey Jackins, 72

Arabs Ending Divisions, Amin Khoury (Victor Nicassio), 72

Jewish “Mental Health” System Survivors, Marci Stern, 73

The Connection Between Anti-Jewish Oppression and “Mental Health” Oppression,  
   Phyllis Kessler, 73

I Have a “Mental Health” Oppression Story, Lori Leifer, 74

Union Activists! Joanie Parker, 75

“I Retain the Right to Love You,” Anonymous, 75

Boys and Sports, Mindy Johnson and Julian Weissglass, 76

Speaking with My Son About Sexism, “Miriam,” 77

Learning and Discharging About My Mother, H—, 78-79

A Rational World for Mothers, Anonymous, 79

Clarifying the Work on Classism, Dan Nickerson, 80

Cosmetic Surgery, Anonymous, 81-82

Getting My Body Back, Anonymous, 82-83

Protestants Ending Anti-Jewish Oppression, Joy Kroeger-Mappes, 83-84

Gentiles Fighting Separation, Christine Marnane, 84

To Gentile RCers, Harvey Jackins, 84

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