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It’s Hard to “Share the Stage”

Wow, thanks for this.1 I love the nuance between sharing and generosity.

I was just working last night on how much I struggle with sharing “glory” or the “spotlight” as I think about the work I want to do in the world. Yes, I really want to do good, important work (and do), but I am so addicted to getting sole credit/glory/attention that it feels really confusing. Example: one of my “ten-year goals” from fifteen years ago was to “get an award for civil rights work.” The goal was not to accomplish something meaningful for others (although that’s clearly in there) but to get public credit for it. And of course preferably just me, not me in collaboration with others.

I find it really hard to work in collaboration with others, in part because of this “sharing” thing. I still don’t know how to work with people. I either need to be in charge (hold all the power) or step completely back (be “generous” with my power and give it all away). It’s really hard to be in collaboration and “share the stage.” I can tell2 there is something re-emergent (and terrifying) about considering sharing power in an engaged, connected way versus a disconnected, “generous” way.

Thanks for giving me new language for this chronic!3

Jaime Jenett
Oakland, California, USA
Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion
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