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A Victorious Teaching Moment

The following is a victorious teaching moment with a fifth grader (whom I will call Bobby and who generally has a few challenges):

After I described how to hold a floor-hockey stick:

Bobby: “Ms. Green, that has ‘impossible’ written all over it.”

Me: “Well, Bobby, you have, ’I can do the impossible’ written all over you.” (It worked—he was off1 with the stick.)

Then, the next challenge with stick handling—introducing a ball to the handle:

Bobby: “Ms. Green, that has ‘hard’ written all over it.”

Me: “Bobby, you have ‘I can do something really hard’ written all over you.”

And he was off. He had a blast.2

Laurel Green
(Physical education teacher for fourth and fifth grades)
Windsor, California, USA

“Was off” means went away.
2 “A blast” means a lot of fun.

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