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A Rational World for Mothers

A rational world for mothers would be one

  • where I wouldn’t feel so alone in my parenting;

  • where my husband and I wouldn’t be the only ones—despite our years of relationship building, inside and outside of Co-Counseling—to give the attention and the sessions;

  • where capitalism wouldn’t be breaking down my network of community that I worked so hard to create; where friends wouldn’t be moving away, or being displaced, or looking for a “better” life where the grass is supposedly greener, at the expense of relationships;

  • where there would be enough time and resource to prioritize my relationship with my partner and not feel like the pulls of capitalism, the lack of resource for my children, and the exhaustion were bigger than us;

  • where I could tell1 that every last thing2 I did in the direction of my family and my household mattered and was enough;

  • where others around me could tell that relationships among young people matter and would work as hard as I do to build them;

  • where other adults would initiate relationships with my children, despite their distresses;

  • where I would have all the help I ever needed, and then some.3

    Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion list for
    leaders of  parents

“Tell” means notice.
“Every last thing” means absolutely everything.
3 “And then some” means and then some more.

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