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Video excerpt from SAL/UER workshop on racism at the Global Climate Action Summit

Draft Program on Climate Change, for your comments (updated March 5, 2019) (short version now available)


The Effort That Has Gone the Farthest

Through accidental good fortune to begin with and through determined persistence after that, there is now an ongoing effort, under the name of Re-evaluation Counseling, to clear out the unreality and get ourselves together on the basis of a better and better approximation of the real reality underneath the (pseudo-reality) clutter.

Re-evaluation Counseling isn’t the only effort in this direction. Every intelligent writer tries to say something toward this end. If you look at almost any religion, you’ll see some kind of effort being made in this direction. But the effort that has gone the farthest, and that involves more different kinds of people, is the one we call Re-evaluation Counseling. We started with nothing but the accidental revelation that people thought better after they cried a lot. We’ve learned a great deal beyond that by now.

Harvey Jackins
From page 13 of A Better World

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