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Jews and Disability
David Ruebain &
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June 4

Creating the Conditions
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Tim Jackins
June 18

Appreciating Present Time


Dear Barbara (Boring),

I just read your fantastic article in the April 2015 PRESENT TIME about your surgery and discharging on anesthesia.[1] Thank you for taking the time to write it up so thoroughly—it gives us all a lot to think about in terms of choosing perspective.

Alysia Tate
Chicago, Illinois, USA


[1] “Choosing a Perspective on General Anesthesia,” by Barbara Boring, on pages 20 to 23 of the April 2015 PRESENT TIME



 Kudos[2] on the January 2015 PRESENT TIME. There are so many great pieces—I particularly loved the ones on quitting sugar and organizing domestic workers. Brilliant.

Janette Hills-Jaffe
Sharon, Massachusetts, USA


[2] “Kudos” means compliments.



I love reading PRESENT TIME. It is truly liberating.

Monika Dolfin
Bandhagen, Sweden



For the past several years I’ve read every article in every issue of PRESENT TIME and been glad to do so. This time, April 2015, before immediately beginning to read, I went from the front to the back of PRESENT TIME, viewing its drawings, photographs, and other artwork, done by beloved Co-Counselors I’ve known for decades and beloveds I have yet to meet. Doing so was like being in a fine art gallery. The journal’s wonderful art is uplifting and relaxing. I feel happy in the PT gallery!

Pam Roby
Santa Cruz, California, USA



Thanks so much for PRESENT TIME. What I like most about it is the mixture of entirely different sorts of high-quality articles—from those by Tim Jackins which steer the Community, to those developing theory, to those describing personal or liberation struggles and how the writer has applied RC, to those from developing Communities. They are all inspiring and satisfying in different ways.

Caroline New
Redcliffe, Bristol, England

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