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International Liberation Reference Person for African-Heritage People

Barbara: I say “re-emergence,” you say “liberation.” Re-emergence.

Audience: Liberation.

Barbara: Re-emergence!

Audience: Liberation!



My name is Barbara Love, and my job is to get you to think along these lines and to think about the liberation and re-emergence of African-heritage people. There are seven things I want you to remember about what we are trying to do:

1) We are trying to increase the numbers of African-heritage people who have access to the theory and tools of Re-evaluation Counseling.

2) We are trying to identify the issues that interfere with our re-emergence.

3) We are trying to create the conditions that make it more possible for us to discharge the things that get in the way of our re-emergence and liberation.

4) We are trying to create RC Communities that welcome us, make us feel valuable, and make it safe for us to be an integral part of them.

5) We are trying to grow the leadership of increasing numbers of African-heritage people and make it possible for them to participate in all parts of the Communities.

6) We are trying to move African-heritage people into all parts of the Communities.

7) My biggest job is, with you, is to create the conditions for creating a world characterized by liberation, a world that works well for everyone. This includes hastening the end of capitalism. This includes cleaning up the environment. This obviously means all of us discharging what gets in the way of our working, every day, all the time, to create a world characterized by fairness and justice.

It is my great pleasure to be in this project with you.

Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

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