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An Information Coordinator for Intersex People

Hello! I am the new Information Coordinator for Intersex People and Parents of Intersex Children. We are a group of people many don’t know about. A big part of our oppression is about silence, shame, and making us invisible. We are not often talked about. Thus it is hard to get information and to meet other people like us.

Intersex is a general term defining people whose body parts or chromosomes don’t match with the usual definitions of male or female. According to medical reports, we are one in fifteen hundred or one in two thousand people. We may have been diagnosed as having CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia), AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome), Klinefelters’ Syndrome, or simply a ”Disorder of Sexual Development.”

Some of us were diagnosed as babies, some of us when reaching puberty, some of us when looking for reasons for infertility. Some of us live with intersex anatomy without anyone (including ourselves) ever knowing. Some of us were born in a time and place in which diagnoses were not made. Some of us needed and got medical help as babies. Some of us didn’t need medical help but went through painful treatments because of common beliefs about gender.

Our conditions differ a lot and so do our experiences, treatments, and identities. Let’s talk about it.

We are wonderful people. We are needed. We need each other. It is good to know others like us. Break the silence and get together! Please write to me, tell your story!


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