Present Time No. 186

(Vol 49, No. 1)  January 2017



 True Power was our heritage, but Society wove us a cage.
Now, piercing confusion, rejecting illusion,
Humanity's coming of age.

Harvey Jackins

Table of Contents

Wide World Changing

  1. The Present Conditions and Tasks, Tim Jackins
  2. Co-leading the Sustaining All Life Team in Morocco, Barbara Love
  3. Sustaining All Life at COP22, Diane Shisk
  4. Daily Reports from COP22, many
  5. We Are the New World, Chris Akubuiro
  6. An Introductory Workshop in Morocco, Iman Awadh and others
  7. A Crucial Time, Harvey Jackins
  8. Climate Change and RC, Diane Shisk and Tim Jackins
  9. If you move...
  10. Changing the Oppressive Society, Tim Jackins
  11. Standing with Standing Rock, anonymous
  12. Connections and Unity, Roberta Paro
  13. A Great Time to Be Alive, anonymous
  14. Deliberately Seeking Rational Solutions, Harvey Jackins
  15. Trying New Things, Barbara Love
  16. Communicating that Babies Need to Cry, Mara Pentlarge
  17. A Faculty Union on Strike, Ellie Brown
  18. Decide to Lead, Margie Doyle Papadopoulou
  19. Ten Points of Leadership, Julian Weissglass
  20. The U.S. Presidential Election, Tim Jackins
  21. We Get to Mourn, then Plan for Tomorrow, Barbara Love
  22. We Are in This Together, Cherie Brown
  23. Our Goal Must Be a Non-exploitative Society, Diane Balser
  24. We Can Think Now and Act, Sparky Griego
  25. On the Playground After the Election, Tamara Damon
  26. A “Two-Front” War, Harvey Jackins
  27. Contrarrestar los efectos del imperialismo estadounidens, Juan Manuel Feito Guerrero
  28. Countering the Effects of U.S. Imperialism, Juan Manuel Feito
  29. One Day We Will Eliminate Imperialism, Bill Horne
  30. The Consequences of a New Spanish President, Juan Manuel Feito Guerrero
  31. Notice that We Have Lost a Fight, Ayana Morse
  32. We Will Win the War, Nez Obi-Okoye
  33. Everybody Wants to Do Something Effective, Harvey Jackins
  34. A Tremendous Opportunity, Diane Balser
  35. Present Time subscriptions
  36. Keep Hope Alive, Rodney Coates

 Counseling Practice

  1. Backing My Son in a Decision about School, "Miriam"
  2. Reclaiming Power, Harvey Jackins
  3. Reaching for Connection, Riana Good
  4. Moving Toward Upset People, "Father"
  5. Eliminate All Patterns, Harvey Jackins
  6. Don’t Manipulate Children, Tim Jackins
  7. One Person Can Make a Relationship Go Well, Harvey Jackins
  8. Building on Past Work on Pain and Fear, Diane Shisk
  9. Thanks Giving to All, Sojourner Truth
  10. Distresses Acquired Very Early in Life, Harvey Jackins
  11. New DVD: No Limits for Women--Beijing Plus 20
  12. The Importance of Harvey Jackins


  1. Immigrants of the Global Majority, Cheng Imm Tan and others
  2. Supporting African-Heritage People, Marcie Rendon, Kara Nye and Aurora Levins Morales
  3. Refuse to Be Oppressed, Harvey Jackins
  4. Frisian Liberation, Wytske Visser
  5. I Finally Understand My People, Sheila Fairon
  6. Language Liberation in Australia (English and Chinese), Cynthia Lawson
  7. A Wonderful Latina/o Workshop, Berta Ramos-Ramirez
  8. Latinas/os, Lorenzo Garcia
  9. Alive, and Enjoying Being an Elder, Delores Jean Britt
  10. An Unbounded Future
  11. “Wanting” as a Female Catholic, Christine Marie
  12. Everyone’s Mind Is Whole, Precious, and Completely Capable, "Bobby Tamara"
  13. A Wonderful Parents’ Workshop, Betsy Herbert
  14. Honesty First, Harvey Jackins
  15. Practical Help with Parenting, Lisa Yarger
  16. Parents—Our Connection and Magnificence, Dorann van Heeswijk
  17. The Liberation of Working-Class Women, Micaela Morse
  18. Let’s Reject Division and Use Our Collective Power, Caroline New
  19. Hard, Necessary Work, JeeYeun Lee
  20. A Jewish Parents’ Workshop, Tresa Elguera
  21. Really Listen to Us!, "Emma Peel"
  22. A Listening Project on the Racism Aimed at African-Heritage People, Sujata Maini
  23. Successfully Interrupting Sexism, JG
  24. Written Language, Oral Language, and Their Liberation, Xabi Odriozola Ezeitza
  25. We Deserve to Trust One Another, Harvey Jackins
  26. From Rational Island Publishers: SAL T-shirt and Hankie
  27. Five-Year Subscription to Present Time
  28. Environmental Goal Posters

Teaching, Leading, Community Building

  1. A Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, several people
  2. Bringing Raised-Poor and Working-Class People into RC, Randy Karr
  3. How I Led My First RC Class, Aliyah Omoefe Ejeh
  4. Healing from the Hurts of War, Sheila Fairon
  5. A Well-Planned Literature Table, Steve Brown
  6. The Best Model of Humanness, Harvey Jackins
  7. Copyright Information
  8. The African Pre-World Conference, Diane Shisk
  9. Pressure to Be Addicted, Harvey Jackins
  10. An RC Class for Nigerian Nuns, Kingsley Ibekwe
  11. Re-evaluation, Not Enforcement, Harvey Jackins
  12. Short Talks by Tim Jackins, on CD
  13. A Wonderful Young People’s Workshop, Brian Lavendel
  14. The Best Person Available, Harvey Jackins
  15. Making Good Use of the RC Literature, Steve Brown
  16. The 2016-2017 Pre-World and World Conferences
  17. Humans Are Hardwired for Connection, Elizabeth Huebner
  18. The Owning Class Pamphlet
  19. Black Re-emergence No. 12

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