How I Led My First RC Class

My name is Aliyah Omoefe Ejeh. I am nine years old, a basic-six student. I live in Okota, Lagos.

Starting a young people’s RC class was not easy. Before starting my first class, I felt excited but was also shy. I was thinking of what to do before starting it—I had to prepare everything; my speech also. My mum assisted me before I started teaching.

My first class was held in my house. Before starting, I went to my friends’ houses to call them down to my house. I did not know what to do at the beginning; everything was boring.

The first activity was exercising, led by a seven-year-old boy. The second activity was a dance game led by me—we danced around chairs.

After playing, we started our main topics.

Our first topic was “Introducing RC,” and we had a two-way session on it. Our second topic was “Who Is a Young Person?” Our third topic was “What Is Oppression?” and we had a session on it.

I really enjoyed myself, and I felt better today. I felt lively. The other young RCers felt better and lively too.

Aliyah Omoefe Ejeh

Okota, Lagos, Nigeria

(Present Time 186, January 2017)

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