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An Unbounded Future

The excerpts and chapter headings below from Harvey Jackins’s last book, An Unbounded Future, show the continuing relevance of Harvey’s thinking to the present.

“You Must Lead Leaders”

How can all the things that need to be done get done? You’ve got to get other people to do them. . . . The only way that you can lead well enough is to lead leaders. Is it hard? Yes. Does it take more time than you have? It always seems to. Can you do it? Yes. (pages 98 to 99)

"'Liberal' versus 'Conservative' or 'Intelligent' versus 'Patterned'?"

The “liberal” and “conservative” positions are just two versions of supporting the status quo. They both act for the persistence of the oppression. The viewpoint that is really different from both of them is the revolutionary point of view, which calls for the replacement of the oppressive society. (page 127)

 Some chapter headings: "An Honorable Exit from the Middle Class," "Resigning from the Owning Class," "What Class Am I? Human, of Course," "Are White People Oppressed?"

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