Parents—Our Connection and Magnificence

Last weekend I was at the parents’ workshop in England, led by Marya Axner. [See previous two articles.]

We fully appreciated each other as wonderful parents, no matter the mistakes we make or have made.

We actively valued and learned from the diversity of our parenting situations and the choices we make.

We took permission to collectively, fully, and passionately love our children and with that to notice and discharge on all the times we have not felt that fulsome love.

We celebrated the profound revolutionary work we do of discharging so that we can reach to not pass on to our children the hurts that we endured.

The main lesson was that being together is vital to keeping on track with this work. In practically every situation, it is discharge that is called for, even though what other parents do, have thought, and have tried is helpful. Comradeship and support for each other as parents is hopeful and deeply re-emergent.

Dorann van Heeswijk

London, England

Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion list for leaders of parents

(Present Time 186, January 2017)

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