Making Good Use of the RC Literature

Re-evaluation Counseling literature is a treasure-trove [a valuable collection] of good thinking. Yet I do not read it as often as I intend to. 

It can be helpful to do Co-Counseling sessions on the literature. For me, reading poems from Zest Is Best [a collection of poems by Harvey Jackins] has been a wonderful way to discharge. We can also ask ourselves why looking at entertainment films or social media can seem like an appealing use of time while the RC literature might seem less exciting. A whole range of things may come to mind if we have sessions on the literature.

I think RC literature is one of those topics we are likely never to remember to address unless someone reminds us to. So it is a good discharge topic for RC classes and support groups. In a recent group we each took a few minutes to answer the question, “What is your relationship with the RC literature (feel free to be honest)?”

We can also use sessions on sharing our own best thinking in the RC literature.

Please contribute to this discussion by sharing your thoughts and experiences on how to use the RC literature, CDs, and DVDs.

Steve Brown

Colorado, USA

(Present Time 186, January 2017)

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