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Threats from Nuclear Weapons
led by Julian Weissglass
February 11

Unified Goal on the Climate
led by Diane Shisk
& Janet Kabue
March 4 or 5

Thanks Giving to All

On this, the official giving of thanks day,

I wish I could send your way

Fall leaves of rubies

Winter snowflakes of sapphires

Spring flowers of turquoise

Summer showers of gold

In appreciation and gratitude of the ways,

In the past or the present,

You have enhanced or are enhancing my life

With your incalculable generosities

Of patient listening, kind words and sweet deeds

That help keep alive my seeds of hope

In spite of long-lost abilities and the chronic pains that can cloud my days.

Sojourner Truth

Seattle, Washington, USA

(Present Time 186, January 2017)

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