A Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

I led a workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2016. We had good classes on sustaining all life, healing from war, and the growth of RC in our communities. We discharged on the oppression of young adults, on sexism, and on what stops us from taking action in these areas. Being together for the weekend contradicted our fears of being attacked when gathering. A highlight was the closing circle during which we got to reflect on how useful RC is in our lives and what our future plans are. Below are highlights from some of the workshop participants.

Humphrey Kasembeli: When we arrived at the workshop venue and the main gate was closed behind us, the silence of the compound and the beautiful green environment—with different tree species and an attractive lawn—made me discharge about the environment. I flashed back to the environment where I live. We are surrounded by water, air, and noise pollution; we deal with congestion; and we experience conflicts within ourselves and among our families, neighbors, and tribes. The quiet environment made me feel welcome before anyone pronounced those words. Our surroundings speak a lot.

At the workshop, the endless “melody” was “love your neighbor.” If we care for our neighbors, we will also care for the environment in which they live. We will be able to teach them RC skills, build the Community together, and make it possible to stop violence and war. I plan to apply what I am learning in my family and with the pupils and staff at my workplace.

Lilian Njeri Gachunji: My highlight was the work on healing from war. People talked about post-election violence, and we youth had great ideas for preventing it from happening again.

Veronicah Ndumi: We have experienced war and are distressed as a result. I realized I had closed myself into the fear and into my own world. I discharged on the fear of talking out loud and being misunderstood. I plan to teach RC in my home community.

George Oluoch Okoth: The workshop was one of my best experiences. It was helpful to be in a support group on the challenges men face in the society; I was able to relate them to my personal challenges.

Anne Wanjiku Kamau: The discussion about how to stop post-election violence was particularly useful. It is my aim to educate and enlighten my fellow youth on the importance of RC and how they can use it to teach others. I appreciate the support given to us.

Befrey Musavi: My highlight was learning more about sessions—for example, how to give a good session. I plan to teach RC to my friends and family.

Donald Wafula Barasa: Our work on healing from war, on the post-election violence, and on mitigating the bad politics in our country helped me make useful decisions about issues that were having a big impact on me. I plan to introduce RC to my workmates and family members.

Duncan Kilonzo: The workshop enabled me to focus on my life experiences and how they have affected my life. We had sessions, and I discharged on the challenges I am facing.

Joseph Wambua: The workshop was a good avenue for me to discharge and to listen without interrupting. It was a new and nice way of knowing and appreciating myself.

Janet Kabue

Nairobi, Kenya

(Present Time 186, January 2017)

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