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Guideline M.5. Part B:
Sexual Misconduct
led by Diane
Teresa & Joel
April 13 or 14

Climate Crisis
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led by Janet Kabue
April 16


Information on
Guideline M.5. Part B:
Addressing Sexual Misconduct

for the RC Communities

Within the RC Community, we are committed to creating and maintaining an environment free of sexual misconduct and harassment. In August 2022, the RC Communities adopted a Guideline to explicitly address sexual misconduct and harassment.  

If you have a concern about sexual misconduct in the RC Communities, please contact an RC teacher, an Area Reference Person, a Regional Reference Person, an International Commonality Reference Person, an International Liberation Reference Person, or contact the Complaint Review Committee directly at We will immediately begin to address your concerns.

The RC Communities have been training Reference Persons in this Guideline and have recently begun training teachers.  Below are some resources that will be useful to all RCers in understanding and applying this Guideline. 

 --Tim Jackins, International Reference Person



Guideline M.5. Part B. 
      PDF                                                Nederlands

Summary and Context
      PDF                                                Nederlands

Definitions and Examples
      PDF     Word                                  Nederlands

Flow Chart: 3 Ways to Proceed (for leaders)
Français      Nederlands

Raising a Concern about Sexual Misconduct in the
      RC Community
(for the person raising a concern)   
Français       Nederlands

Fundamentals Teaching Guide I
Chapter 32: "Misconduct in RC"   Nederlands

Sexual Misconduct Resource Document  


for all in the RC Community

Thursday, April 13: 6 - 8 pm PDT
Friday, April 14:
 6:30 - 8:30am PDT
“Guideline M.5. Part B, Sexual Misconduct:
Overview w/Q&A”

led by Teresa Enrico, Diane Shisk, and Joel Nogic


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