Sustaining All Life Workshops, Forums, Listening Projects, Handouts and More

Sustaining All Life at COP21 through COP25 presented a series of daily workshops, support groups, listening projects, introductory classes, caucuses and forums. Similar workshops will be presented at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, November 2021, and at online climate change conferences in advance of the COP.


Eliminating the Effects of Racism in Climate Activism  (español)  (français)

War and Climate Change  (español)  (français)

Building United, Resilient Movements to End the Climate Emergency  (español)  (français)

Young People at the Forefront of the Climate Movement  (español)  (français)

Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organizers  (español)  (français)

Women, Girls, and Climate Justice  (español)  (français)

Jews and Climate Justice: Building a United Front  (español)  (français)

Expressing Climate Grief  (español)  (français)

Subversive Catwalk: Women, Fast Fashion and Climate Justice  (español)  (français)

Ending Racism and Classism in the Climate Movement  (español)  (français)

How to Lead Listening Circles  (español)  (français)

Migration is a Climate Issue

Parents Take Action for Climate Justice

U.S. Back in Paris: Ending U.S. Greed and Isolationism

Supporting Indigenous Leadership

Supporting Young People of Color in the Climate Movement

Pakikinigang Magkapwa: Sharing Our Stories to Build, Unite, and Sustain Our Communities Toward Climate Resiliency and Justice

Bringing Labor and Climate Justice Movements Together for a Sustainable Future

Mental Health and Climate Justice

Climate Emergency: Capitalism's Failure


African Voices   (español)   (français)

Indigenous Voices  (español)  (français)

Latin American Voices (español) (français)

Voices of Pacific Islanders  (español)  (français)

Young People Leading on Climate Change Now and Into the Future   (español)   (français)

Voices of Hope and Courage  (español)  (français)

Climate Change: Impact on Frontline Communities

Women's Voices at the Forefront of Climate Change

Climate Change: How It's Impacting Developing Nations (español)


Tools for Ending Racism in the Environmental Movement (Spanish/español) (Deutsch) (français)

Young People and the Climate Emergency (español) (Deutsch) (français)

Supporting Young People in Climate Activism (español(français)  (Deutsch)

Indigenous People and the Environment  (español) (Deutsch) (français)

Supporting Indigenous Leadership (español(français)  (Deutsch)

Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organizers (español(Deutsch) (français)

Building United, Resilient Movements to End the Climate Emergency    (français)

Working Together for Unity Among Unions, the Environmental Movements, and All People (español/Spanish) (français)

The Climate Crisis and War  (francais)

Climate Change: What Can We Do?    (français) 

Healing our "Climate Grief" (español(français) 

A Strong Climate Movement Needs Listening Circles  (francaise/French)  (español) (italiano)

Including Disabled People in the Environmental Movement (español) (français)

The Impact of the Climate Emergency on Women (Spanish/español(français)

Subversive Catwalk: Women, Fast Fashion, and Climate Justice  (español) (français)

A Call to Unity: Standing Together for Climate Action

Addressing Classism in the Environmental Movement (Deutsch) (français) (español)

The Role of the U.S. in the Global Climate Emergency  (français)

Jews and the Climate Emergency: Building a United Front (français)

Catholics and Climate Change (español)

Parents and Climate Change: Building Support and Unleashing Our Power (español) (français)

The Climate Crisis and Mental Health Oppression (español) (français)

The Work of Sustaining All Life (Arabic) (Chinese) (Korean) (Tagalog) (español)

Re-evaluation Counseling Tools (español)

Central And Eastern Europeans and Climate Change (francais)


SUSTAINING ALL LIFE:  Overcoming the Destructive Policies of the Past (IN MANY LANGUAGES) 

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