Care of the Environment, Climate Change, & Sustaining All Life

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Table of contents

  1. Draft Policy on Care of the Environment
  2. Thoughts in Support of the Draft Policy on Care of the Environment
  3. Why We Prioritize Addressing Climate Change
  4. Stories of Hope and Courage
  5. Draft of Draft Program on Climate Change (for comment)
  6. Our Stories of Climate Change

Sustaining All Life

  1. Sustaining All Life
  2. Sustaining All Life at the COPs
  3. SAL at the Global Climate Action Summit
  4. Followup to SAL at the COPs
  5. Donate to SAL!

Our Goal on COE

  1. Goal on Care of the Environment and articles
  2. Translations of the 2013 Goal

Resources on COE Work

  1. Our Environment (a digital publication)
  2. Resources on COE work 
  3. COE Activities in Our Communities
  4. Climate Change Updates
  5. COE pamphlets, t-shirts, hankies
  6. COE posters

Resources for Increasing Our Awareness About Climate Change

An Introduction to Climate Change

  1. Video: An introduction to climate change in 60 seconds. A brief video from The Royal Society and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences
  2. Article: An Introduction to Climate Change, by Diane Shisk

    Beyond the Basics

    Website: NASA: Climate Change, How Do We Know?  The NASA website is an excellent resource for basic and more detailed information (updated periodically), with many videos and graphics on different aspects of climate change.

    Draft Policy on Care of the Environment  The RC Communities Draft Policy about Care of the Environment, including climate change.

    Mixed media presentation: Diane Shisk’s summary of the science and key issues with videos and graphics.

    Article: Why We Prioritize Addressing Climate Change, Diane Shisk and Tim Jackins.  A summary of the basic science of climate change, with citations if you want more resources. Also includes a summary of what we can do. (updated every few months)


    Summary of the Current Science of Climate Change (and why immediate action is needed). A detailed survey and summary of current peer reviewed articles on the science of climate change, with citations, done in June 2018 and updated every couple of months.  By Diane Shisk and friends

    Draft of Draft Program on Climate Change Proposed Draft Program for the RC Communities on Climate Change, with an overall program and specific action steps. We expect to update this frequently as more information becomes available about what steps can and should be taken now. While drafted with a global perspective, we are encouraging every country to consider writing an addendum to this program to fit their specific circumstances since the situation varies so much country to country.  


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