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Video excerpt from SAL/UER workshop on racism at the Global Climate Action Summit

Draft Program on Climate Change, for your comments (updated March 5, 2019) (short version now available)


Fundraising for
Sustaining All Life

at The New York Climate Summit, New York, New York, USA
September 19 - 27, 2019


the United Nations Climate talks, Santiago, Chile,
December 2 - 8, 2019


While humanity today is faced with a big task, we are also given an important opportunity….


 Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism at the New York Climate Summit

September 19-27, 2019

Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism will be attending the New York Climate Summit, September 2019.  The New York Climate Summit is scheduled during the week of the United Nations General Assembly to bring the parties to the Paris Agreement together to increase the level of national commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to temper climate change.  

Our goal is to bring our tools of listening and discharge to groups and individuals attending the NY Climate Summit and to make clear the connection between climate change and capitalism, racism, sexism, classism, and oppression of indigenous peoples and young people.  We will also be urging the United States to remain in the Paris Agreement and fulfill our commitment to the future.  

We are working with local activist groups to plan and schedule events during the week, starting with a Climate Strike on Friday, September 19.  With a delegation of 100 RC leaders, we will be hold more than 30 workshops over the week, in addition to "pop-up" workshops, forums, listening projects, and listening circles at the many demonstrations that will occur that week.  We also plan a Climate Change day for families and young people in Central Park.  More information can be found here.  


Sustaining All Life at COP25 in Santiago, Chile,

December 2 - December 8, 2019

Sustaining All Life will also be attending COP25 in Santiago, Chile with a 20 person delegation, primarily from Latin America, supported by 10 volunteers, primarily from the United States. Our goal is to bring our tools of listening and discharge to the COP and to make clear the connection between climate change and capitalism, racism, sexism, classism and oppression of indigenous peoples and young people.

We are early in the planning stages, check here for updates. 

Sustaining All Life 

Oppression in our societies interferes with organizing efforts. It wears down and burns out activists. And oppression excludes and marginalizes many communities and nations from both important resources and from the efforts to end the destruction of our environment. Discouragement, hopelessness, and powerlessness also slow the building and sustaining of our efforts.

The Re-evaluation Counseling Communities and Re-evaluation Foundation (a non-profit 501(c)(3)), through our care of the environment project Sustaining All Life, is sending a delegation to these climate talks. We will be active in the "civil society" section: bringing our work on ending racism and other forms of oppression, providing activists with tools for addressing discouragement and burn-out, holding forums where all can hear the voices of Indigenous people, young people, people from parts of the globe already impacted greatly by climate change.   

The Re-evaluation Counseling Community is a grassroots peer-counseling organization (also called co-counseling) that trains people of all backgrounds to assist one another in healing from the emotional scars of oppression and other hurts. By taking turns listening to each other and encouraging emotional release, we heal old wounds. We then become better able to think, to speak out, to be part of, to organize, and to lead others in building a world in which all life forms are valued and the environment is restored and preserved.

Sustaining All Life first sent a delegation to the COPs at COP21 in Paris in 2015, and then to Marrakech, Morocco (COP22) in 2016, and Bonn, Germany (COP23) in 2017. Through our workshops, forums, support groups, listening projects, and introductory classes we reached thousands of people with our perspective and our tools.  In Bonn we will build upon the work we did in Paris and Marrakech, reconnecting with people we worked with there and building new relationships to further our efforts to halt climate change.  

Sustaining All Life became a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the United Nations (through our parent organization, the Re-evaluation Foundation) in 2016.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us communicate personal healing tools that are important in efforts to replace the current system with one that meets the real needs of humans and other life forms and that protects and restores our environment.

The Work of Sustaining All Life 


With decades of experience in working on issues of oppression, our Sustaining All Life delegates, through our workshops, forums, listening projects and conference participation, will

  • Share our understandings of the connections between racism and other oppressions and the current environmental crisis,
  • Emphasize that the work to end oppression must be central in the environmental movement in order for us to build the massive movement now needed to turn the climate crisis around,
  • Give voice to communities and nations already impacted by climate change,
  • Bring activists together to share the hopeful and courageous initiatives they are engaged in,
  • Show how our tools can help support the work of other organizations/activists by effectively freeing ourselves from widespread feelings of hopelessness, discouragement, and powerlessness, and
  • Show how our tools can be used to strengthen relationships and build supportive networks for activists. 

You can see the story of our work at COP21 in Paris at this narrated slide show

Your tax-deductible donation will help to fund our delegates who need financial assistance to attend (many are paying their own expenses). We are raising $30,000 through a variety of fundraising efforts.  These funds will cover flights, accommodations, meals, and conference participation at the COP. It will also support new RCers who came to us through the COPs in their efforts to build RC Communities in their home countries. For more information about our work, see our website:

You may also donate by sending a check PAYABLE TO THE RE-EVALUATION FOUNDATION to:

Re-evaluation Foundation
719 Second Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98109

More information on the Re-evaluation Foundation is available here.

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