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Video excerpt from SAL/UER workshop on racism at the Global Climate Action Summit

Draft Program on Climate Change, for your comments (updated March 5, 2019) (short version now available)


Sustaining All Life at COP25 in Santiago, Chile

December 2 - December 8, 2019 (español)

Sustaining All Life (SAL) will be attending COP25 in Santiago, Chile (now Madrid, Spain) with a 32 person delegation. Our goal is to bring our tools of listening and emotional healing to the COP and to make clear the connection between climate change and capitalism, racism, sexism, classism and oppression of indigenous peoples and young people.

With the move of COP25 to Madrid, we will also be holding daily forums highlighting the voices of Latin Americans on issues of climate change and the intersection with social justice.

At COP25 SAL will offer a series of events where we share our understandings, and our tools of listening and healing. We hope to have our own exhibit booth.  We will offer workshops on the following themes: Eliminating the Effects of Racism in Our Work, Young People at the Forefront of the Climate Movement, Indigenous People and the Fight for the Environment, Climate Change and Institutional Violence, Women and Climate Justice, Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organizers, Parents Take Action for Climate Justice, Expressing Climate Grief, and The Environment and Health.

We will also do forums (inviting people to come speak from their own experiences) for young people, Indigenous people, Latin Americans, and addressing the impact of climate change in Latin America.

Daily we will hold an Introductory Class on the Tools of Sustaining All Live and a support group for young people and well as meetings for different constituencies.  

SAL Schedule of events

Monday, December 2, 2019
Sustaining All Life Booth, Green Zone, COP25

12:00-1:00pm   Catholic Caucus 

1:30-2:30pm      Youth Gathering

3:00-4:00pm      Indigenous Caucus

4:00-6:00pm      Forum: Voices of Latin America (live-streaming on Facebook)

4:30-5:30pm     Women's Caucus

Tuesday, December 3
Sustaining All Life Booth, Green Zone, COP25

10:00--11:30am   Workshop: The Environment and Health

12:00-1:30pm      Workshop: Catholics and Catholic-heritage          People Thinking about Care of the Environment

2:00-3:30pm         Workshop: Parents Taking Action for Climate      Justice

2:00-3:00pm         Youth Gathering

4:00-6:00pm         Forum: Voices of Latin America (live-streaming on Facebook)

Wednesday, December 4
Green Zone, COP25

10:00am-Noon      Forum: The Impact of Climate Change on            Frontline Communities and Nations

12:00-2:00pm      Forum: Indigenous Voices

2:00-4:00pm         Forum: Young Activists (live-streaming on Facebook)

4:00-5:00pm         Class: Introduction to the Tools of Sustaining All    Life (Sustaining All Life Booth)

4:00-6:00pm         Forum: Voices of Latin America 

Thursday, December 5
Green Zone Conference Room, COP25

10:00am-Noon      Forum: Indigenous Voices

12:00-1:30pm      Workshop: Indigenous Peoples and the Fight for  the Environment in Latin America (live-streaming on Facebook)

2:00-4:00pm         Forum: Young Activists

4:00-5:30pm         Workshop: Young People Leading in the Climate Movement (live-streaming on Facebook)

4:00-5:00pm         Class: Introduction to the Tools of Sustaining All  Life (Sustaining All Life Booth)

6:00-7:30pm        Workshop: Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organizers

Friday, December 6
Green Zone Conference Room, COP25

10:00am-Noon      Forum: The Impact of Climate Change on            Frontline Communities and Nations

12:00-1:30pm      Workshop: Ending Racism in the Environmental  Movement (live-streaming on Facebook)

2:00-3:30pm         Workshop: Expressing Our Climate Grief

4:00-5:30pm         Workshop: Climate Change and Institutional        Violence

4:00-5:00pm         Class: Introduction to the Tools of Sustaining All  Life (Sustaining All Life Booth)

6:00-7:30pm         Workshop: Women and Climate Justice

Saturday, December 7
SAL at the Social Summit for Climate

Forum: Voices of Latin America

Workshop: Ending Racism in the Environmental Movement

Workshop: Expressing Our Climate Grief


SAL Handouts (Folletos)

Tools for Ending Racism in the Environmental Movement (Spanish/español) (Deutsch) (français)

Young People and the Climate Emergency (español) (Deutsch) (français)

Supporting Young People in Climate Activism (español)

Indigenous People and the Environment  (español) (Deutsch) (français)

Supporting Indigenous Leadership (español)

Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organizers (español) (Deutsch) (français)

Building United, Resilient Movements to End the Climate Emergency

Working Together for Unity Among Unions, the Environmental Movements, and All People (español/Spanish)

The Climate Crisis and War (español/Spanish)

Climate Change: What Can We Do?

Healing our "Climate Grief" (español)

Including Disabled People in the Environmental Movement (español)

The Impact of the Climate Emergency on Women (Spanish/español)

Addressing Classism in the Environmental Movement (Deutsch) (français) (español)

South, Central, and West Asians and Climate Change (Deutsch) (français)

The Role of the U.S. in the Global Climate Emergency

Jews and the Climate Emergency: Building a United Front

Catholics and Climate Change

Parents and Climate Change: Building Support and Unleashing Our Power (español)

The Work of Sustaining All Life (Arabic) (Chinese) (Korean) (Tagalog)

Re-evaluation Counseling Tools (español)

Central And Eastern Europeans and Climate Change (francais)


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