Websites explaining climate change

NASA: Climate Science, How Do We Know?

Six Graphics that Explain Climate Change, by BBC News

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Climate Science: What you Need to Know

A Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature

Global Cities at Risk from Sea-Level Rise

US Environmental Protection Agency: Climate Change

National Resources Defense Council: Global Warming 101

Resources to Learn More about Climate Change

Climate Interactive

Carbon Brief--Carbon Countdown

Climate Justice/Environmental Racism resources

Poor People's Campaign, 50 year report

Environmental Racism Explained (video) 

Environmental Justice, Explained (video)

Environmental Justice Atlas

Videos About Climate Change

The Story of Climate Change (April 2017)

Climate Change Solutions (April 2017)

Sea Level Rise in the Pacific

India Man Plants Forest Bigger Than Central Park to Save His Island

Al Gore: The case for optimism on climate change

Before the Flood, National Geographic

This Changes Everything

The Coming Storm of Climate Change

Call to Earth: A Message from the World's Astronauts to COP21

Years of Living Dangerously (2 seasons, search on the internet)


Videos that get your attention out

Julia Roberts as Mother Nature

Morgan Freeman, Our Future

I'm A Climate Scientist

Funny videos

Old People Don't Care about Climate Change

John Oliver, Climate Change Debate

Useful short videos and graphics

The Climate Risks of Natural Gas

Top Ten Solutions to Climate Change from Drawdown

Carbon budget, global mean temperature, CO2 concentration

Countries most likely to survive climate change

CO2 Emissions of top ten countries over time

Current CO2 Emissions

What the world would look like if all the ice melted

Draft Programs of Other Organizations

The Climate Mobilization--Faced with a catastrophically failing system, the only rational response is a system overhaul. To protect humanity, we need a massive transformation of our economy and society in a matter of years, not decades. We must rapidly direct our resources toward a singular national purpose: restoring a safe climate for our world.

The Leap Manifesto--We call for a Canada based on caring for each other and the planet, moving swiftly to a post-carbon future, upholding Indigenous rights, and pursuing economic justice for all.

World on the Edge, Earth Policy Institute--In this urgent time, World on the Edge calls out the pivotal environmental issues and how to solve them now.

Useful websites you can subscribe to a very useful daily email briefing

George Washington University listing of 53 climate change websites

US Climate Resilience Toolkit

World Institute on Disability: Climate Change and Disaster Preparation for People with Disabilities

United States Climate Alliance

Important books

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, P. Hawken,

The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy, M. Mann & T. Toles.

The Sixth Extinction, by Elizabeth Kolbert

Storms of My Grandchildren, James Hansen

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, Naomi Klein

Important articles

What genuine, no-bullshit ambition on climate change would look like, VOX, May 8, 2018

When Will the World's Polluters Start Paying for the Mess They Made?, Climate Change News, May 2, 2018

Shell's Vision of a zero carbon world by 2070, explained, VOX March 30, 2018 

Alaska’s Permafrost is Thawing, The New York Times, Aug. 23, 2017

2020: The Climate Turning Point

The U.S. Is the Biggest Carbon Polluter in History. Will It Walk Away From the Paris Climate Deal?, The New York Times

The world's biggest gamble, Johan Rockström & others

Recalculating the Climate Math, Bill McKibben, New Republic, September 22, 2016

A World at War, Bill McKibben, New Republic, August 15, 2016

Znet: Africa’s Human Existence Is at Severe Risk

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP),  “Climate Change in Africa – What Is at Stake?

Oxfam International: Suffering the Science: Climate Change, People, and Poverty. 2009

“Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty,” World Bank Group. 2016

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