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Present Time No. 110 January 1998

  1. From the Editor
  2. Appreciations
  3. How to Subscribe

World Conference

  1. Report on the 1997 World Conference
  2. Opening of the 1997 World Conference of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities
  3. Challenges to the 1997 World Conference
  4. Discussion on Goal Two-Going Public with RC
  5. Changes in the Guidelines
  6. The Latin American Pre-World-Conference Conference September 19-21,1997
  7. The Latin American Conference from the Mexican Point of View
  8. The Internalized Oppression of Latin American Catholics
  9. The African Pre-World Conference Conference
  10. Some Details from a "Colored" Background Viewpoint


  1. A History of Exclusion
  2. A Workshop with No Classism
  3. Time for a Four-Day Week
  4. "Nature" Not "Native"
  5. Some Thoughts About White People and Native-American Spirituality
  6. Intelligent Care of the Environment
  7. Who Will Bring the Straws?
  8. A Support Group of Austrians
  9. The LIST
  10. "Mental Health" Liberation Is for Everyone
  11. A Support Group for Allies Working on Distress Related to the Holocaust
  12. Eliminating "Identities"
  13. Disability, Volleyball, and Attention
  14. Melted
  15. The LIST
  16. Integrating and Living with Two Heritages

RC Practice

  1. "Special Time"
  2. The Human as "Artist"
  3. Healing My Toe with Discharge
  4. Apologize for Your Mistakes
  5. Counseling Someone on a Seduction Pattern
  6. Effective "Toilet Training"
  7. Parents of Teenagers and Policy
  8. Xaymaca
  9. Working on a Physical Disability


  1. Wide World Change is Possible
  2. Determinedly Going "Public"
  3. Reaching for Influence
  4. Publicity for "Survivors of Violence"
  5. "I Spoke Up . . . !"
  6. Reaching People in Big City Schools
  7. Nargakot Morning
  8. Workable Socializing?
  9. Moving Math Educators


  1. The Joys of Organizing and Leading Small Workshops
  2. Keeping Track of New Students
  3. Learning from Patty to Be at Ease with People
  4. Teaching About Leading
  5. I Love My Students
  6. Coaching the Teacher
  7. Need Some Ideas?

From the Mail

  1. I Shaped My Life
  2. South America to South Africa
  3. A Pretty Tight Situation
  4. Ending Classism
  5. Getting Out of One Pattern, Not Falling into Another
  6. "Attention Away from Distress" on a Marathon Scale
  7. Getting Super-Supported
  8. Conference Cheers
  9. "I Cheerfully Promise . . ."
  10. Mother Moves, Child Moves More
  11. Increased Diversity
  12. Boredom, the Worst Distress!
  13. Counseling About Breast Cancer
  14. Our Web Site Back-up: Present Tense
  15. An Appreciation
  16. Inspired Sharing


  1. Actuaries
  2. Performing Artists
  3. Sober Ex-alcoholics

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