Performing Artists

My name is Irene Theotokatou, and I'm a Co-Counselor from Athens, Greece. I am Margie Doyle Papadoupoulou's Alternate Area Reference Person.

RC has made and is making a tremendous difference in my life.

I was born in Greece but I grew up in Zimbabwe. I work as an actor/director in a small theatre company which I co-founded in 1995. Our major commitment is to produce work that examines and presents important issues in a way that empowers people.

In RC I am presently leading a women's support group. In the past I have led women's workshops, an anti-racism support group, and a support group for creativity that took a group of artists, writers, and this performer from creative limbo to once again actively pursuing our careers. I do not take credit for this success (each person performed his or her own "miracle") but I'm glad I had the clarity to create the support that I, myself, needed.

I have felt a great desire lately to get in touch with other RCers in my profession. In looking through the back of Present Time I couldn't find an Information Coordinator for Performing Artists. I have thought about it, and if no one else is available, I would be very willing to take it on. Margie says I would be the best person for the job. She may be right. (I'm going to boldly let those last two sentences stand as they are!)

Irene Theotokatou
Drossia, Greece

(Present Time No. 110, January 1998)

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