Inspired Sharing

The World Conference was an historic event. One hundred-and-forty-two leaders were there from all over the world.

I came home to England inspired and ready for anything, with a strong sense of RC as a real revolutionary movement, of us being on the brink, of all of us going back as leaders, proud of RC and the potential it has for bringing about real change in a massive way.

What brought this about? Harvey's brilliance and crystal-clear leadership and the dynamism of 142 brave leaders, most having been in RC from ten to twenty-five years, a few for only a month or so, and some for up to forty-seven years. We discussed and formulated our goals, guidelines, and policies; discharged; thought; had fun; and appreciated Harvey and Tim and ourselves. There was a strong sense of us being ready for big action.

Going public is what's next. As soon as I got home I did some of that. All my friends and family, the teachers and students in my school, and others wanted to hear all about the conference, and I told them about it as fully as I could and for as long as they had time to listen. They didn't seem to think it at all weird. Some were excited, some were a little bemused, and most liked the sound of it. More people, in and out of RC, have come forward to assist me in getting RC into schools and starting to get it into health and social services. Many people, as always, want to know about RC.

Netta Cartwright
Stafford, Staffshire, England

(Present Time No. 110, January 1998)

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