"I Cheerfully Promise . . ."

I started Re-evaluation Counselling earlier this year and I am now doing my second fundamentals class. I have seen many positive changes in the way I think about situations that would have previously unnerved or annoyed me. Although RC has benefitted me a great deal in all areas of my life, I think most significant by far is that I am now able to have sessions with my four-year-old daughter and my nine-year-old son who has cerebral palsy.

The RC highlight of my life last week was finding the commitment for disabled persons: "I cheerfully promise that from now on I will always remember that my body is wonderful and that I am fully human, that I am totally admirable and lovely to be close to, and I will confidently expect to be cherished exactly as I am by all human beings." I used this commitment to counsel my son. He discharged, and I was able to let him discharge without trying to cover up and ease the pain and hurt for him.

Recently my RC teacher, Marilyn Atherley, indicated that she would like me to consider teaching classes on inclusion, and I felt very good about this. I am trying, therefore, to focus on clearing up my own distress around my son's condition so that I will be able to give good attention to others in this situation. I shall be writing to Micheline Mason to ask her to assist me in my adventure.

Kamella Joseph
St. Augustine, Trinidad, West Indies

(Present Time No. 110, January 1998)

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