Getting Super-Supported

I'm inspired to share a few of my experiences and thoughts after attending a Women and Physical Power Workshop led by Diane Shisk and Lenore Kenny in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Today, the day after, I feel fabulous -- sore, tired, clear-thinking, loving, strong, open. It was so powerful to be with forty women, totally giving and receiving support! I am re-committing myself to women in the places where I feel competitive and critical, of myself or of them. The trap for me is measuring myself against other women -- who is prettier, smarter, thinner, physically fitter; has more money, friends, support, etc. (Yuck!) I have an idea: Let's all women commit to never comparing ourselves to each other again!

Today I went walking downtown with my two-year-old daughter. The day was gorgeous: sunny, breezy, with birds flittering and singing everywhere. I had good attention to greet any and all strangers. I met some beautiful people, such as the parks maintenance worker who spoke to me for a long time. He praised mothers highly, saying they ought to get a Ph.D. after raising their children. He said he'd raised five children with his wife, and I told him he deserved a Ph.D. too! He went on to describe his family background and how his mother is a Native American in Pueblo, Colorado, who had her land taken away. It was special to get real with a stranger simply by being open to enjoying him fully.

Getting super-supported at an RC workshop enables me to see what life could be like. So many things I "worry" about are wastes of time because they're not real. What's real is that I'm strong, powerful, capable, and loving and have much hope and belief in the goodness of people.

Bonnie Rose Fernandez
Marina, California, USA

(Present Time No. 110, January 1998)

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