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Guideline M.5. Part B:
Sexual Misconduct
led by Diane
Teresa & Joel
April 13 or 14

Climate Crisis
in Africa
led by Janet Kabue
April 16


Required Guidelines for Being Part of the RC Community  

  • Guideline A.5. Confidentiality
  • Guideline B.3. Use of the Terms “Re-evaluation Counseling” and “RC”
  • Guideline H.3. Regional and Area Classes, Support Groups, and Playdays, and Area Gather-ins (and H.3.A. Online version)
  • Guideline H.4. Class and Area Workshops and Daylong Playdays (and H.4.A. Online version)
  • Guideline H.5. Regional and International Workshops and Gather-ins (and H.5.A. Online version)
  • Guideline H.7. Outreach Finances: Communities Outside the United States
  • Guideline J.2. Duplicating and Electronically Distributing RC Publications and Other Materials
  • Guideline J.4. Publications Royalties
  • Guideline J.7. Preserving Confidentiality when Writing about Others
  • Guideline K.1. Internet Safety
  • Guideline M.1. The No-Socializing Policy
  • Guideline O.2. Handling Attacks

Required Guidelines for Teaching RC 

  • Guideline D.1. Certification of RC Teachers
  • Guideline D.2. Requirements of RC Teachers

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