H.3.A. Online Regional and Area Classes, Support Groups and Playdays, and Area Gather-Ins[103]

Payment to Area Outreach and Community Service Funds

Teachers of online Regional and Area RC classes, and leaders of online Regional and Area support groups[104], of playdays of four hours or less, and of online Area gather-ins, will include a payment of 25% of the total income from these activities to the Area Outreach and Community Service Funds (CSF), held at Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources, Inc. (RCCR), in their calculation of the fees charged.[105] This 25% of total income should be considered part of the basic expense of the activity. It should be calculated before deducting any expenses. Teachers and leaders should consider the needs of the Outreach and Community Service Funds when setting the fees charged for online events.

Division of Payment

Of this 25% percent of total income before expenses, 50% will be kept in the Area Outreach Account and may be withdrawn for outreach purposes by the Area Reference Person (ARP), or the designated account signer in a Developing Community. The remaining 50% goes to the Community Service Fund (CSF), which supports International Outreach Funds as well as communications, operations, administration, and the organizing of conferences supporting the RC Community as a whole.

Sending Funds (for Communities in the United States)

Area Outreach Account contributions for Communities in the United States, payable to “Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources,” should be sent promptly to RCCR. The “RC Area Outreach Funds Contribution” Form 300A should be included with all payments. (Forms, including online self-calculating forms, found at rc.org/forms.) ARPs or account signers are to provide the Outreach account number to teachers in their Areas. Communities outside the United States, see Guideline H.7. Outreach Finances: Communities Outside the United States.

Online Area and Regional Support Groups and Playdays, and Area Gather-ins

If fees are collected for online Area or Regional support groups or playdays (half day, four hours or less) or online Area gather-ins, the fees should be accounted for in the same way as online class fees, as described in this Guideline.[106] The person submitting the fees must state which Area(s) should receive the funds.

Organizer Fee

Organizing some online events may require significantly more work than for in-person events, and in those cases the organizer should receive a fee for organizing. The fee can be negotiated with the leader, but 10% of the leader’s fee is suggested.


This is a convenient collection point for the Community’s necessary Outreach Funds from online activities, and the procedures described lessen restimulations about accounting for our funds. They help to offset the loss of income to RCCR caused by the lower fees charged for online workshops and for compensating tech leaders.


[103] This Guideline has the force of a requirement for being part of the RC Community.

[104] If a fee is charged for the support group.

[105] This is a fee for the use of the terms “Re-evaluation Counseling” and ”RC,” which are trademarks owned by RCCR.

[106] If people from more than one Area attend the class, support group, playday, or Area gather-in, the funds should be deposited in the Area Outreach account of the leader of the event.

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