J.2. Duplicating and Electronically Distributing RC Publications and Other Materials[128]

RC publications and other materials are not to be photocopied or otherwise duplicated or distributed electronically without the permission of the copyright holder, Rational Island Publishers (RIP). This includes articles, print publications, digital publications, audio recordings, video recordings, artwork, photos, other images, and any other materials, in part or in their entirety.

Permission must be requested from RIP.

When permission is granted by RIP to photocopy or electronically distribute an article, a fee of at least fifty cents ($0.50 U.S.) per copy of the article must be paid to RIP. Area Outreach or Maintenance Funds may be used for this purpose. (See Guideline H.14. Outreach to All Groups Targeted by Oppression.)

One free copy of an article on the RC websites[129] may be printed or downloaded for personal use. If multiple copies are to be shared (via print or electronically), at least fifty cents ($0.50 U.S.) per copy of the article must be paid to RIP.


This process respects the author and the publication and supports the Community. Photocopying and electronically distributing RIP publications reduce literature sales. This Guideline encourages Co-Counselors to purchase RC literature, which supports the publication of future RC literature. It also encourages use of the RC websites and awareness of its wealth of resources.


[128] This Guideline has the force of a requirement for being part of the RC Community.

[129] rc.org, reevaluationcounseling.org, unitedtoendracism.org, nolimitsforwomen.net, sustainingalllife.org, jewsandallies.org, listeningwell.info


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