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E.13. Group Responsibility for a Leader's Re-emergence

All leaders are expected to take responsibility for their own re-emergence. We also encourage every ongoing group of Co-Counselors to take responsibility for the counseling and re-emergence of its leaders.

One way to do this is with a leader’s support group. The leader counsels the members of the group but also receives the counseling and thinking of the group. 

Another way to do it is with a meeting to “counsel the leader,” in which a group offers one-way time to the leader of an ongoing group or a workshop. This meeting can be initiated either by the group or by the leader. (See Note VI. Counsel the Leader [printed version page 102].)

Each group can think about how to offer ongoing counseling support for the leader, including consulting with the leader’s Reference Person.


These procedures help group members to maintain their essential peer relationship as Co-Counselors. They interrupt patterns of isolation that can confuse people about the true nature of leadership. They provide opportunities for leaders and other Co-Counselors to challenge any patterned timidities about leadership or tendencies to abandon leaders to their distresses. They also help the leaders receive effective counseling. (See Guideline A.2. The Nature of Relationships in the RC Community.)

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