Empowered to Do More in RC

The Pre-World Conference for Africa took place in Limuru, Kenya, a sixty-minute drive from Nairobi. It was a beautiful place. A walk around the environment, adorned with colourful flowers, green grasses, and monkeys and birds, provided opportunities for discharging about the environment and nature.

We learned that RC started accidentally sixty-three years ago. Tim1 took his first fundamentals class fifty-five years ago. The first RC workshop was in 1970. And the first World Conference was held in 1972, when work on the Guidelines2 commenced. Today the RC Community extends to ninety countries and is made up of3 thousands of Co-Counsellors.

At the conference we had support groups and groups for discussing the Guidelines. We also had topic groups on the following subjects: discharging about the Rwanda genocide; RC and Christianity; women and RC; men; care of the environment; RC and African culture; and dating and relationships, for young adults.

The culture-sharing night was a memorable one.

In all, we are more empowered to do more in RC.

Chris Akubuiro
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

1 Tim Jackins
2The Guidelines for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities—the policies for the RC Communities
3 “Is made up of” means consists of.

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