Some Highlights of the Africa Pre-World Conference

As a newcomer to a Pre-World Conference, I had been asking myself what kind of people I was going to meet and how they would relate to me. To my surprise, when I arrived at the conference everybody was hugging me as if they knew me and were expecting me.

Among many topics, Tim1 talked about people not taking an interest in reading. He asked if we had been reading the Guidelines,2 and using them in our teaching of RC. He also talked about actions and inactions that have contributed to environmental degradation. One of the conference participants shared how he and his colleagues had come together to clean up their environment, which had eventually won them an award.

Another highlight was when people sang a South African song. It made me discharge, even though I didn’t understand any part of it. Later on someone explained to me that it was about encouragement and urging people to push on harder.

I felt honoured to be chosen to lead a “goals and Guidelines” group made up of3 experienced RCers.

My sincere appreciation goes to Tim and Diane4 and their committed team of RC leaders. I salute and bow to all of you. Me tu mi tse ma mu, which in Akan language means “I take off my cap for you.”

Erick Holmes-Agbloe
Accra, Ghana

1 Tim Jackins
2 The Guidelines for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities—the policies for the RC Communities
3 “Made up of” means consisting of.
4 Diane Shisk, the Alternate International Reference Person for the RC Communities and the assistant leader of the conference

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