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U.S. Election Support Project

Join the U.S. Election Support Project 2024! Sign up here.
Schedule for classes and support groups
The three stages
The U.S. Election Support Project is supporting RCer’s who are working to elect an administration whose policies will advance (or at least not result in huge setbacks in) our work to save the climate from collapse and advance our other liberation and commonality programs.  This U.S. Election Support Project welcomes any RCer working on or wanting to work on any elections in the U.S.  Please help us spread the word in U.S. classes, support groups, and workshops. 

We think the outcome of the U.S. elections in November 2024 will have a huge impact on our futures. We think that the Presidential election is especially important. The two likely main-party Presidential candidates promote vastly different politics. While neither candidate will make the kind of changes needed for transforming our society, which candidate is elected will have a big impact on our lives and liberation.

We welcome individuals in the RC Community to join us to support candidates whose programs will best create opportunities for us to move forward our agendas for a sustainable planet, for liberation, and for pro-human policies.

Consistent with RC’s One Point program, the RC Community doesn’t support a particular candidate and doesn’t take positions in any elections.  RC’s agenda is to support individual RCer’s re-emergence, free our thinking from the effects of distress, and support the liberation and empowerment of all people. Working on the elections with support from other RCer’s can be a very re-emergent, powerful, and limited-term project.

We invite RCer’s (whether or not they have previously worked in electoral politics) to be part of this project and to consider playing some role in the upcoming elections.
In Stage I, we offered discharge groups on any distresses connected to elections, past experiences with electoral politics, the current political situation in the U.S., and any discouragement about candidates that could keep you from participating in the upcoming elections.

On April 28, we gathered, listened to a panel, had discharge turns, and did think and listens. Each group had one minute to report back, and the implementation of Stage II of the project was developed from those notes. 

If you are interested in joining the Election Support Project, please fill out this brief form <>.  We send regular updates about the project to everyone on this list. You can ask to be removed at any time.  Help us spread the word!

We have also started a new email list ( for those involved who want to communicate with one another.  Please sign up for this list (instructions below) if you wish to be part of that sharing. As with all RC lists, this one is for sharing information and perspective and not for sharing one’s distresses.
A few people have asked about paying for the events. We very much appreciate all that you are doing by being a part of the U.S. Election Support Project.  We intentionally are not asking those involved to pay for the excellent resources that RC leaders, organizers, and tech are also donating their time to provide.  We think of it as a joint contribution to this important effort.  If you want to make a contribution, please make a contribution to Sustaining All Life (here's the link).  We suggest between $1 and $30 for an event. 
With love,
The U.S. Election Support Project Organizing Committee
Diane Shisk, Barbara Love, Azi Khalili, Cherie Brown, Alana Eichner, Nina Eichner
Stage I:  Support/discharge groups
The first stage of our project went well.  For two months we held support groups on any distresses connected to elections, past experiences with electoral politics, the current political situation in the U.S., and any discouragement about candidates that could keep you from participating in the upcoming elections.
We decided to continue with the support groups, and more are posted all the time. 
Schedule of Support Groups:  See the full list here.  
Stage II: Classes:  See the full list here.  
Zoom Link for all unless otherwise indicated:
Meeting ID: 832 0834 3910
Passcode: 222838
For Important Resources and
Organizations to Check Out, click here.
Sign up to join the U.S. Election Support Project here:
And, join our email list!
Thanks again for joining this effort.
Bumper and Laptop Stickers!  Yard signs!  Free to all RCers who want to display or distribute them.  Fill out the form here
We are distributing bumper stickers (3" x 10"), laptop stickers (2" x 5") and artwork to print yard signs free to any RCer who wants one or more for themselves, to use as a conversation starter with friends and co-workers, to take to distribute at meetings and actions, however you think you could use such a sticker.  A graphic of the sticker is below. 
Some people have been concerned that the bumper sticker doesn’t communicate a hopeful message. We agree that communicating hope that there is a solution is a big part of our work, but we also think that there is a need to alert the population of the U.S. to the fact that there is a limit on the amount of time we have to address climate change, and that four years of destructive policies would be catastrophic and their vote could make a difference in this. 
If you want to send your non-RC friends in climate organizations a link to an order form for the stickers, you can use this link. And here is a mini-flyer you can give to people who want to order quantities for their climate organizing.  You can download the artwork to print your own yard sign at

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