RC Can Curb Human Suffering

Permit me to take my turn to share some thoughts about the just-ended Africa Pre-World Conference, held in Kenya this May. The teachings of Tim1 were simply fantastic and mind-rocking. The interactions with my support group, led by Marion Ouphouet, changed my life for the better. A big question on my mind is what will the conference mean for me and my RC activities in the Northern region of Ghana, since much of that region is bedeviled by violent conflicts, youth unemployment, forced marriages, child betrothals, domestic violence, and violence against children, among other things.

Many people are left to suffer from the resulting physical and emotional hurts. As a consequence, many of them run away from their homes, only to end up in urban centres where they work in undesirable menial jobs. These jobs eventually leave them victims of child prostitution and other criminal activities. Lack of money in the relevant departments of the central government means a lack of support for these victims of injustice. This is more pronounced in the rural areas, where the bulk of the people live.

Introducing RC can curb human suffering. My highlight from the conference was this teaching of Tim’s: “RC is an increasingly deliberate attempt to uncover the reality of the universe, the real nature of humans, the nature of human difficulties, and workable ways for correcting them.”

I am more empowered after the Kenya conference to exploit2 RC to the advantage of the suffering masses. I wish to express my profound gratitude to Tim and Diane3 for their love and concern for Africa as well as the world of RC. Long live RC. Long live Africa.

Gmabi Philip
Tamale, Ghana

Tim Jackins
In this context, “exploit” means make productive use of.
 Diane Shisk

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