COP 27 Photo Gallery

SAL delegates happy to received their badges to enter the Blue Zone (governmental space) at COP27


A class on how to do a listening project for SAL delegates, in our booth in the Green Zone
Barbara and Onii with our exhibit partners at Exhibit 45 in the Blue Zone. Our partners are Sustain Our Abilities (disabled people and climate change organization) and Nurses without Borders (grassroots health care in Africa). We are building an alliance between emotional and physical health through this exhibit. Thank you Barbara and Onii!
Hauwa Musa of Nigeria at our booth in the Blue Zone.
Chioma Okonkwo of Nigeria showing someone our flyer of events.
Our first workshop in the Green Zone, Monday, November 7. The Emotional Burdens of Oppression and the Climate Crisis
Bafana runs into a Co-Counselor from Cairo!
Our booth in the Blue Zone is very popular--time for a break from listening to smile for the camera.
Onii Nwangwu-Stevenson is a great listener. Our booth is across from the First Aid station and she invited all the doctors to get to know us. They are very interested.
Remember your first mini-session?
We wanted our posters to clearly communicate our key messages. Kathy McHale, California, USA, designed these for us. Many appreciations, Kathy.
The flyer of our activities in the Green Zone, designed by Rosa Hinton of the UK. Thank you Rosa.
Back of flyer.
The morning of the 2nd day, we try streaming in the leader of the workshop, Nazish Riaz from Boston.
A strong panel of people from Iran, Pakistan, Congo, and US.
Listening circles form immediately after the workshop.
Trying out using Ipads to show people our website and collect their contact information.
Bogart from Mexico City engaging an interested man.
Barbara, our press liaison, gives her first interview of the week.
Pulling people together for the youth workshop: Youth at the Forefront of the Climate Movement: Mutual Support to Sustain Our Action
A group of young people from Take It Global join our workshop.
Workshop led by Malinali Casteñeda-Romero and Rob Venderbos
Malinali listens

Saliha from Morocco as part of a listening project in the Green Zone.

Iliria and Diane strategizing at our morning meeting.

Demonstrations within the Blue Zone must be pre-authorized... chanting for climate justice now

Christian, Bafana, Leonard working the Blue Zone booth

Calling Africans together for a Listening Circle in the Blue Zone... there is a large African presence at the COP

Youth are hungry to come together at the COPs, and we offer a daily listening circle

Our workshop Women and Climate Justice, led by Malinali, Yara, and Chioma

032Women n climate 2

Much interest at the workshop, some women returning from previous contacts

Refreshing to see people crowding around our literature table!

Dyresha engages people in our second Introduction to the Tools of SAL this week

SAL supports movement building to bring about necessary changes.

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