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Healing the Hurts
of Capitialism
Azi Khalili &
Mike Markovits
Sunday, July 28

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COP 27 Photo Gallery, day 4 and more

The Impact of the Climate Crisis on Africa--our forum

038African forum2

039African forum3

040African forum leaders

041African forum signs

Some views of the space we are in.

043Green Zone2

044Green Zone3

045Green Zone4

Healing the Trauma of the Climate Crisis

Barbara leads an excellent workshop

Listening exchanges at the Healing Trauma workshop

More listening exchanges at the Healing Trauma workshop

No Human Enemies workshop on November 11

No Human Enemies led by Iman Awadh (Iraq now UK, Hauwa Musa (Nigeria), and Saliha Oufa (Morocco)

Hauwa speaking at the No Human Enemies workshop

Arab women's Listening Circle at the No Human Enemies workshop

Listening Circle No Human Enemies

Staying Hopeful in the Climate Emergency workshop led by Bafana and team

Hopeful listening circle!

058Hopeful listening circle

Saliha and Amal from Morocco interacted with many Arab women

Amal Omar, also one of our Arabic interpreters

A big ally in the United States, the Climate Justice Alliance, has a booth in the Blue Zone

Demonstration calling on the Global North to fund their fair share of climate damage

Demonstration calling out the high cost of a militarized society

Flooding the COP with messages about the disparate impact of climate change on the Global South and the need for financing from the Global North

Felix Nkam from Cameroon explains SAL

Felix at our booth in the Blue Zone

Every morning we met near the pool for final preparations.

Iliria Unzueta and Janet Kabue, our final morning meeting.

Morning meeting.

Instructions for our final day and preparing to leave

Onii Nwangwu-Stevenson, Omodele Ibitoye Ejeh, and Wanjiku Kironyo leading a workshop on the Legacy of Colonization and Racism in Africa.

Very important information for our understanding of global racism and the climate crisis

Omodele speaks of the racism, sexism, and male domination of the colonizers

Interpretation into Arabic was important throughout the week.

Leonard's games probably attracted more people than anything we did!

So fun!

Saturday afternoon, and our scheduled events the first week are done.

Many people want to stay on--a good measure of our success.


The experience was significant for everyone.


We all love each other!

We will all go on more united and stronger

The in person team in New York City prepares for a sound and video test with team members online. Photo by Laurie Rhodes

AL Caballes welcomes participants in person and online with a collaborative visual art piece. A map by Cecilia Lim shows the ocean, indigenous people and art. Hearts identify where workshop participants are from and currently living. Photo by Laurie Rhodes

There was a lot of people power, coordination, cooperation and communication needed to make the hybrid workshop go well for everyone. Photo by Laurie Rhodes

“Pakistan continues to pay the price and is tied to its perpetual, colonial debt. A debt and a history of which US imperialism powers refuse to acknowledge exists or deem irrelevant,” says Aamnah Khan, panel speaker and community organizer. Photo by Laurie Rhodes

Maisha Inniss pays attention to two participants at the Young People’s Climate Justice Art & Liberation area. This was a key part of the workshop and allowed poor and working class immigrant parents to participate in the workshop. Photo by Laurie Rhodes

Participants played a game of “Be Like Water” and used their body to show different forms of water. Photo by Sierra Stoneman-Bell

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