Sustaining All Life Audio and Video Recordingss

Audio Recordings

Marya Axner/Tresa Elguera on Parenting in the Climate Crisis (59:00)

Videos of SAL/UER Events

Colonization and Racism in Africa: Relevance to the Climate Emergency 2023

Eliminating the Effects of Racism on Climate Activism (29:20)

No Human Enemies (1:22:00 - Interpreted into Arabic)

Expressing Climate Grief (49:47 - Interpreted into Spanish)

Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organizers (20:30)

Subversive Catwalk: Women, Fast Fashion and Climate Justice (1:07:11 - Interpreted into French) 

How to Lead Listening Circles (18:38)

Pacific Islands Voices (40:47)

African Voices (30:05)

Making a Climate for Families (2:33)

Jews and Climate Justice: Building a United Front (53:54)

Voices from Frontline Communities (10:44 - Subtitles in English, French, Romanian, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish)

How to do a Listening Exchange I (2:49 – in Hebrew, interpreted into English)

How to do a Listening Exchange II (3:36 - Interpreted into Spanish) 

How the Global North Can Accept Responsibility for the Climate Emergency and Act Fairly to Solve It


 SAL at COP 25 in Madrid (7:18 – Spanish with English subtitles)

Voices of Latin America Forum (6:46 – Spanish & English)

Young People’s Forum – How to do a listening exchange (4:29 – Spanish & English)

Young People’s Workshop – The importance of play for liberation (3:37 – Spanish & English)






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