Photos from the March to End Fossil Fuels
Photos by Stan Eichner, Randi Freundlich, Jessica Wallach, Mary Renda, Jan Froehlich, Laurie Rhodes, Roger Rosen, Joanie Parker, Diane Shisk


The start of the march

Many hands marching together

Chanting loud and strong

The hands

Liliana's message

So many hands!

SAL posters are marching!

United to End Racism

What a beautiful banner!

AL Caballes leading our contingent

Minsoss leads a talking circle/listening circle in Bryant Park after the march


Legacy of Colonization and Racism in Africa

Wanjiku Kironyo speaking on the Legacy of Colonization and Racism in Africa

Listening to Latin America, in Spanish, interpreted into English

Listening to Latin America


The Central Role of Young People in the Climate Movement

A good crowd for young people's workshop

Workshop leaders for How the Global North can accept responsibility for the climate emergency and act fairly to solve it

Listening Exchanges at Backing Indigenous Leaders: where ending the Climate Crisis, and Decolonization Meet

Indigenous workshop

Listening Project team on Tuesday

Street art in Time's Square

People's Agenda for New York Climate Week. SAL Climate Justice Team worked with the People's Assembly for two days after our events, supporting their work, building relationships.

Many excellent speakers, including Tom Goldtooth from the Indigenous Environmental Network

And Nnimmo Bassey from Health of Mother Earth Foundation Nigeria

Panel from The Black Hive


Leadership panel at The Intersection of Climate Change and Racism in the Southern United States

More and more people

Jessica and Laurie leading Thinking about Disability and Climate Chsnge

There is a lot of safety in this room (Thinking about Disability and Climate Change).


We are everywhere--demonstration against Netanyahu's policies

Artists at the Center, Daniel Schaffer presents

Artists at work

Young people are artists


The art quilt in the making

Jews, Art, and Climate Café

Excellent presentations and art

Slide of the Hudson River Watershed

Listening exchange at the Jews, Art, and Climate Café

Kathy L sharing slides at Jews, Art, and Climate Café

And singing!  Aly leads us

Panel for the Forum: Voices from the Frontlines of the Climate Emergency

We learned so much at the forum

Speaker Hilda Falvia Nokaboyeat from Fridays for Future, Uganda

And a little bit of fun at the Highline



Eliminating the Effects of Racism on Our Work to Sustain All Life

The Global Majority delegates go on a field trip to Queens

The video crew recording and streaming the workshop on Zoom

Glenn Johnson-Mussad presenting at "Mental Health" Liberation: Tools for Climate Activists

A demonstration--listening to someone from the audience

Playing a game at the "Mental Health" Liberation

So much interest in the topic

Making a Climate for Families

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