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Commitments Against Oppression

A commitment against oppression is a serious promise made by a person (to the counselor, to "nears and dears", to reality, to "God", etc.) to reject the stereotypes and patterns of behavior which constitute the main content of the oppression of particular groups of people in existing societies.

Black Persons

For the complete liberation of my beautiful, wise, strong, and courageous black people, I solemnly promise I will always remember our/my own goodness and strength. I will fight against every division that tends to separate us from each other and from other people. I will settle for nothing less than complete liberation, complete equality, complete opportunity, and complete respect for everyone.



 In total respect for the beauty, goodness, generosity, and wisdom of my people, I cheerfully promise that I will cherish my culture and language, our diversity and unity, and remember how delightful and important we are to all human beings and that the world is safe for me to be my full human self.


Persons of Mixed Heritage

Recognizing that we are the people of the future, and that every one of our cultures and our heritages is valuable and to be re-spected and appreciated, we proudly proclaim ourselves to be 100% universal humans, and we invite all human beings to join us in this claim.


Against Racism

I resent and will fiercely oppose racism's crippling limits to the progress of my beloved human race. Always keeping in mind my proud heritage of fighting oppression, and wanting to enrich my present and future, I will engage and join with others to smash racism so that we all may live in a free world.


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