Marcie Rendon, White Earth Anishinaabe from the northern middle part of Minnesota in the USA—International Liberation Reference Person for Native Americans 

Native People

Native/Indigenous folks around the world face the challenge of bringing humans back into balance and into an interdependent relationship with the earth and all her entities. As Native people, we are at the forefront of all activism in this area, around the world. It would be wise if others followed our lead and direction over the coming period, as we have never lost our understanding of balance and interdependency.

We understand that all people have a role in a society and serve a useful function, if they’re allowed the space and resource to do so. Most Native languages have no word for work. Traditionally, Native people engaged in activities that not only best suited them but also served the good of the whole. I think in this way Native people have always been part of the working class, and we Native Co-Counselors fully support working-class liberation in RC.

Over the past four years, Native RCers have been actively present in all other liberation movements, including for the climate, women, and Black lives, and we stand with all peoples who have been dispossessed from their homelands.

As our lives and the land we live on continue to come under constant attack from corporate greed, our number-one goal is to continue the work described above while reaching out, and asking all others to reach out, to Native people raised Native and to put Re-evaluation Counseling into their hands.

Thank you.

Marcie Rendon

International Liberation Reference Person for Native Americans

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

(Present Time 188, July 2017)


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